Useful Information

For those thinking of adding an addition or a new level to an existing home, the first step is frequently to engage an architect to develop a layout and elevations drawing.  Next, you will want to seek price quotes from contractors – but it is very important to ensure that they are all are quoting on the same information! Depending on the contractor, you may be given an overall price or a price per square foot.  

As a contractor, my job is to ensure that all details of your project are well thought out, managed, and executed. 

Things I consider when planning your project:

  • When building an addition a tree or several trees may need to be removed. 
  • When a project calls for excavation, is it possible to safely bring in all of the necessary equipment?  
  • Where can excavated material be placed?  Where will excavated fill dirt be taken to ensure minimal costs?
  • If your project includes the addition of a new level, it will probably be necessary to remove some or all of the existing roof. This would make debris containers necessary.
  • Is your electric service adequate to handle additional circuits?
  • Do you have sewer or septic? Septic systems are based on the number of bedrooms, so if you are adding bedrooms, your septic system may need to be upgraded.
  • Are you going to have a crawl space or full basement under your addition?
  • Are you interested in having wood siding or vinyl siding?  Wood siding might be 200% to 300% more in cost than vinyl siding.
  • There could also be a significant price difference in floor selections, for example: carpet verses wood or tile.

This information is a fraction of some of the considerations that are involved in the construction and remodeling of someone's home. It is very important to have a knowledgeable and experienced contractor as your "team leader." This ensures a satisfied customer!